Tania de Jong AM is an inspirational speaker, singer, business woman and social entrepreneur who has founded a number of successful businesses (Creative Universe, leading innovation conference Creative Innovation Global, Inspiring Minds leadership programs, MTA Entertainment & Events and acclaimed singing group Pot-Pourri), started two charities (Creativity Australia and the With One Voice program and The Song Room) and has the voice of an angel.

Tania performs, speaks and presents leadership workshops around the world.

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Tania de Jong AM: Kudos for being a Social Impacter (Winter 2014)


Natalie Candarakis from Women in Focus spoke with Tania about challenges, stimulating creativity and the importance of participating in philanthropy. Click here to read more!

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Creativity, Education and The Future


Picasso famously said “All children are born artists. The problem is to remain artists until we grow up.”

If you enter a kindergarten you will encounter some of the best creative thinking anywhere: finger paintings with pink and green people and blue dogs and polka-dot skies, imaginative stories of fairies and magical, far-away places. Young children are naturally creative. They must create ways to learn and construct a world view from a collection of initially disconnected events, colours, movement and sound. So what happens between the open, effortless experimentation of our childhood and the blocks in creative thinking experienced by many adults?

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Upcoming Events

  • August 26, 2014 (4:15 pm)

    "Changing the world, one voice at a time" Tania de Jong AM for Monash University / Diversity and Inclusion Week

    Tania de Jong AM will be presenting a keynote and will share insights on diversity, social inclusion, creativity, resilience and wellbeing.

    Register here to attend the event

    Where: G36 Music Auditorium, Building 68, Clayton campus

  • September 15, 2014 (12:15 pm)

    Creativity and Innovation: Strategic Tools of the 21st Century

    In an extremely complex and uncertain global environment, creative leadership and innovative cultures are becoming increasingly important for the survival and growth of organisations.

    According to inspirational speaker, award-winning business woman and passionate social entrepreneur, Tania de Jong, creativity and innovation are consequently key skills for managers in the 21st Century.

    Join Tania for an engaging Thought Leaders presentation as she discusses all of this and more. In this session she will explore the left and right brain function, the need for diversity, community, resilience, commitment and how singing changes the brain.

    Register Online

    Where: Australian Institute of Management (AIM), 7 Macquarie Place, Sydney

  • September 16, 2014 (11:00 am)

    Diva and Divo… Puccini to Pop!

    A celebration of fantasy, love, passion and romance in all its guises, our Diva and Divo bring a sensual mix of contemporary classics, opera and Broadway hits and beautiful duets to stir your senses and touch your heart.  You will be entertained by the glorious voices, quality, charm, warmth, humour and theatricality of the artists.

    Presenting a program of classics and endearing favourites including You Raise Me UpMy Way, and Nessun Dorma, along with highlights from legendary productions including Carmen, Westside Story, Phantom of the Opera, La Traviata, Les Miserables and many more. Do not miss a magical performance!

    The show features the founders of sensational singing group Pot-Pourri, Tania de Jong AM (soprano) and Jonathan Morton (baritone) with outstanding pianist Rebecca Chambers.

    For more info head to: 


    Where: Hawthorn Arts Centre


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