Collaboration, creative leadership and innovation are critical in this uncertain and highly complex global environment. The saying “innovate or die” has never been more accurate.

Disruption of existing business models is the greatest threat your organisation will face within the next 5 years. Virtually every business and institution is threatened and yet disruption can also provide extraordinary opportunities.

Tania de Jong AM is a leading authority on creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

She believes that every individual, team and organisation has untapped creative potential. Mostly, whilst organisations claim that innovation is important, they only pay lip service to this. They do not foster a culture of innovation and pipelines for ideas and innovation to be implemented.

Through Tania’s work as Founder of 4 charities/social enterprises (Mind Medicine Australia, Umbrella Foundation, Creativity Australia and The Song Room) and 5 businesses (Pot-Pourri, MTA Entertainment and Events, Dimension5, Creative Universe and Creative Innovation Global) and her collaboration with major organisations and top teams over many years, she has developed a number of strategies and programs to foster agility mindsets and unlock capabilities in creativity and innovation.

She believes strongly in the power of diverse teams, collaborations and “positive human collisions” to bring about creative abrasion and new insights and learning from adjacent sectors.

Tania consults to a number of national and multinational organisations at C-Suite level providing keynotes, performances, leadership and innovation workshops, connections and strategic advice. Clients incl. McKinsey & Company, David Jones, AGL, ANZ, Perpetual, BCG, BHP, Telstra, PwC, AON, The Florey Institute, Melbourne Business School, La Trobe University, Monash University, Deakin University, Spotlight,  etc.

Tania can assist you, your clients, teams, organisations, conferences and special events through:

  1. Delivering an inspirational, customised keynote speech, customised keynote speech
  2. Creating a special, customised performance to enchant and inspire as a solo performer or with her acclaimed group Pot-Pourri
  3. Being an informed and interactive MC
  4. Presenting a creative workshop to transport your people into a right-brained ‘can-do’ headspace. See One Team, One Voice workshops
  5. An innovation consulting project to unlock more of the potential of your people and brand
  6. Bringing Creative Innovation Global into your workplace: Developing and producing a one or two day workshop or conference bringing in a range of world class speakers, facilitators to inspire and teach strategies and skills to take back and implement in your workplace

Tania’s particular skills include:

The Challenge

Sustainable growth in the future can only be achieved by the continuous generation of new, creative ideas and strategies.

There are a range of ways in which organisations address this issue including structures, processes, incentives and systems unleashing the creative potential of individuals. Many organisations today have turned to workplace innovation programs in the conviction that creativity is one key to competitive survival. And organisations know their ability to innovate lies in the creativity and abilities of their people.

The individual needs to understand and adopt internal thinking processes that increase the potential for new thinking. Organisations have to do the same. Creativity will be the strategic tool for the 21st Century.

Our Approach

Creative Universe is working with business, creative, community and thought leaders and universities to develop new thinking, outstanding programs and evidence-based research in this area.

We work with you to create a program designed to suit your challenges and provide leadership practitioners who guide your organisation and your staff to finding creative solutions using an integrated and creative approach to strategic leadership.


Inspiring Minds is delighted to offer a diverse suite of exciting new programs that facilitate unique, creative experiences, executive leadership, training, and break-outs for strategy days, conferences, retreats and meetings.

These programs are designed to create ultimate brainstorming power, improve wellbeing and engagement and unlock leadership and innovation potential. Programs can be customised to achieve key business outcomes including healing stressed or dysfunctional teams, developing new strategies and a culture of innovation, caring and sharing throughout the organisation.

We offer a creative menu from short sessions to half and full day sessions, as well as keynote speeches and briefings and individual and team coaching.

Tania and her team can design everything from short leadership workshops to full 2-3 day strategic leadership conferences and retreat programs. These are very powerful team building and change tools, and quite different from other management and leadership programs in the market place at present.


“You make the world a much better place. This city and country are blessed by your talents, generosity and immense vision.” Louise Karch 

“Creative Brainstorming plays a critical role in developing campaigns for the release of Universal’s films but it’s important for us to create new stimulus in order to get the best out of these sessions.  For this reason we engaged Tania and her team at Creative Universe to help fuel the brainstorming by using the technique of singing to unlock our creativity.  It really worked and we saw a difference in the quality of ideas generated by each individual.  In addition the experience of singing as group also served as a great team building exercise and was loads of fun.” Universal Pictures

“Tania’s keynote address was an inspiring call to action on our individual and collective creative capacity.  And I never thought I would witness our national team in full and rapturous song together.  The experience left us all with a sense of unexpected elation!” Mathew Browning, General Manager, Myer Family Company

“A big thank you for your contribution to the Unleashing our Potential workshop. The excitement and energy you created was amazing – what a buzz! We are very optimistic about the ideas that were generated and have already commenced the next steps to implementation. Again, thank you all for your commitment and professionalism and giving 150 of our top people a thought provoking and fun day.”
 David Jones


We create programs that will add an important dimension to the development and recognition of high performing teams and creative-thinking individuals. These programs are custom designed to ensure everyone steps out of their comfort zones and participates, learns and grows together. They are powerful, fun and highly interactive.

“A great activity that really brought together our 250 HR leaders as one team. We started with 70% saying they couldn’t sing and finished with an amazing four-part harmony song that they really were proud of. Highly recommended!”
 Andrea Grant, Telstra

“Can you pass on our appreciation for demonstrating that creativity in business can actually work. Interactive leadership workshops are always more productive and enjoyable and this one was a belter.”
 Committee for Melbourne

“Tania engaged the workshop audience with her passion and creative flair. The singing and laughter coming from the workshop room was a sure indicator of a successful and compelling workshop.”
 Beth Phelan, Conference Director, Mind & Its Potential

Creative Universe is growing fast due to the support and referrals of our highly valued clients. We have a range of outstanding consultant and faciliators to suit your specific business needs around Australia and internationally.

We are also producing an important conference which may be of interest for your executives. Creative Innovation 2012 will take place 28-30 November 2012 at Sofitel Melbourne On Collins and will bring together delegates from all sectors, leading thinkers and speakers to discuss the importance of creativity in re-inventing the future and solving community, organisational and global issues. It will be a highly interactive, entertaining and educational experience in the style and spirit of events held overseas.