Tania brings her own special magic to an event. She combines valuable insights with a fantastic singing voice – a truly unique experience. She electrified the European Business Forum.” Thinkers 50

It was a fantastic experience to hear your speech at Thinkers 50 in Odense in 2018. You really made it crystal clear to all of us what “purpose” means and how important it is if you want to make a difference. Very impressive.European Business Forum

Session was great. A terrific buzz after it. Freedom is coming … truly first rate!”  McKinsey & Company

“Tania thank you for your powerful and engaging presentation that aligned with our College in many ways. Today you challenged us to consider the importance of the values of inclusion, compassion, and courage. You emphasised the importance of the Arts and in particular music to shape and inspire our young people. And you challenged us as staff that work in the College to step out of our comfort zones and understand what it feels like to feel vulnerable, a very important experience that reminds us of how many of our students feel when we challenge them to step out of their comfort zones.” Ross Patterson, Principal at Scotch Oakburn College

The keynote and ONE TEAM, ONE VOICE Workshop was truly a binding experience, inspirational to a group in need of self-belief and confidence. In an engaging and memorable way, the team was able to perform as a unit like never before. Something to refer to for a long time!” Mondelez

A big thank you for your contribution to the Unleashing our Potential workshop. The excitement and energy you created was amazing – what a buzz! We are very optimistic about the ideas that were generated and have already commenced the next steps to implementation. Again, thank you all for your commitment and professionalism and giving 150 of our top people a thought provoking and fun day.David Jones

You are indeed a hard act to follow. I say again that your workshop was amongst the highest energy level shown by participants in the 10’s of dozen of workshops that I have been to. It was most enlightening and enjoyable.” Defence Science and Technology Group

It is truly inspiring to be in the presence of someone as passionate, creative and confident as Tania de Jong. It’s her passion and outside of the box thinking that is most impressive as she takes those around her on her incredible life journey. Most importantly, it’s her incredible being that made her keynote at our conference exceptional and that’s very hard to find. It was highly interactive, engaging, and pushed people’s boundaries which was great to observe. You are an amazing person Tania so thank you for sharing your greatness with us.” Blackbaud

Thank you for facilitating our session at our Commonwealth Private Leaders’ Forum. It was wonderful you were able to join us for a focused, deep-dive session on unleashing our potential, and helping us consider different ways to get the best out of our people to build tomorrow’s Bank today. Feedback from the leaders has been really positive, and I know they deeply valued hearing your insights from working with a wide range of different leaders.CBA Private Bank

Tania de Jong is an inspiration – for her ability to engage with her audiences (even when delivering a keynote remotely); for the transformational power of her message that the ability to positively change the world is within each of us; and for a true generosity of her spirit. She is transcendent!Victorian Ombudsman

“It was a pleasure to have Tania present her Keynote on Human intelligence 2.0 – How to adapt to change in turbulent times to create a future trajectory at the 7th Annual Women in Leadership Summit for 2021. Her energy and bubbly personality inspired our delegates to get off their feet, interact and engage with one another as she brought forth such an uplifting and invaluable session.” Women in Leadership Summit for 2021

Tania provided the closing keynote at our virtual conference. Despite the challenges of an online format, Tania’s heart-felt presentation captivated and provoked us to think differently.Community Housing Industry Association NSW

“Tania made the impossible possible in this crazy time. We organised our #MOI2020 Insurance Innovation Day as a digital event instead of our planned live event in beautiful Vienna. Tania created a digital, creative Opening Keynote for us. It was amazing and everybody was so inspired by Tania’s spirit and important messages about creativity, innovation and leadership in a rapidly changing world. Thank you for this experience!” Insurance Factory Austria

Thanks so much for being our featured guest for our one hour segment. We had great love for it on the text line. People appreciated the storytelling and the beautiful uplifting music. Thanks so much for your generosity of time and spirit.Broadcaster – Evenings on ABC Radio

“You are amazingly creative and loving of humanity. I am so glad we met.  And thank you again for a wonderful presentation.  You were superb! You came over soft-spoken, humble and energetic.” Rabbi Laibl Wolf, Spiritgrow

“Tania was a brilliant addition to the 2019 International Consciousness Forum, held in Madison in May 2019.   Her presence brought a new dimension of light and sound to this event with her amazing voice and ability to connect personally with so many of the attendees and presenters.  Her philanthropic work is truly impactful in making a positive difference in the lives of many.” USONA

“Once again Tania demonstrated how well she can adjust to the needs of different audiences. For our staff conference she successfully focused on our conference themes of innovation, managing change and the importance of effective teams. As usual she managed to fully engage our group and achieved a high level of participation by all. In our post conference feedback sessions the group unanimously scored her segment as outstanding.” David Edwards, ASCA

“Tania presented such an inspirational speech and offered opportunity to think further outside the square to motivate change and support innovation. It was a lovely way to start the day and get us all motivated and inspired. I particularly liked the discussions around creativity and innovation.” Moreland City Council

“Tania’s keynote address was an inspiring call to action on our individual and collective creative capacity.  And I never thought I would witness our national team in full and rapturous song together.  The experience left us all with a sense of unexpected elation!” Mathew Browning, General Manager, Myer Family Company

“Tania was a wonderfully inspiring presenter at our signature Manifest series. Her flair, energy, humility and thorough understanding of her subject of the contemporary medicinal use of psychedelics for treatment of mental conditions was awe-inspiring. Tania is a very worthy ambassador for a cutting edge approach to the problems that assail the human condition of today. She is amazingly creative and loving of humanity. I am so glad we met.” Rabbi Dr Laibl Wolf, Dean of Spiritgrow HolisticCentre, Australia

“As a connector and creator, seeking ways to educate, empower and inspire healthier more joyful living, it’s exciting co-creating with Tania. I acknowledge her for her ability to surprise and delight the audience, and vulnerable sharing her kind heart and wisdom, to make a positive impact on people and their lives.” Carly Farragher, Get Hacked Get Hi

“Tania has proactively cooperated with the CPA Aus #ForPurpose discussion group event on future innovation and leadership. She delivered a powerful and provocative presentation to inspire CPAs in leadership positions to develop agile, creative mindsets and embrace social inclusion and caring in an accelerating technological environment. The Future Predictions video was a powerful opening, her content and storytelling was outstanding and her song at the end was the icing on the cake. The audience was truly touched by the information she shared and what Tania does to make such a profound difference in society!” CPA

“All the TED and TEDx talks I’ve watched have been amazing, but this one was the most amazing yet! Seeing how the spark of wonder that is so often hidden in people can bloom with love, connection, encouragement and friends is one of the best of feelings. Earlier tonight I was talking with friends about a group we want to set up for people who are living alone or feeling alone. We want to make it fun and caring and useful and to help each other give inspiration and meaning to the people in our small rural town. Tania, you and the awesome people you work and sing with, are an inspiration to everyone whose lives you touch, and will make a big difference to the success of our little group. I might even try to overcome one of my fears and reach one of my goals – to learn to sing and one day sing in public. To you and all those in one voice – THANK YOU so much – you rock!!!.” Heidi Freeman 

“You make the world a much better place. This city and country are blessed by your talents, generosity and immense vision.” Louise Karch 

“The session was very well received and will always be a memorable one. The energy was great and we had excellent feedback.” AGL Senior Leadership Team

“It was a personal and professional honour to have Tania speak at Creative Mornings Melbourne. Her presence and skill in commanding a large group is second to none, and the very fact that she got over one hundred people standing up and singing at 8:30am on a Friday is a testament to her unique abilities. Her ongoing commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation made for a very powerful talk and left our audience visibly inspired. I would strongly recommend Tania as a speaker or facilitator for any like-minded communities looking to expand their horizons.” Jeremy Wortsman, Director, Jacky Winter Group 

“You truly are an amazing human being! I believe you were put on this earth to create ‘radical shifts’ and move individuals from unable to able. And … you do that so effortlessly, tapping into every part of our human existence.”  Catherine, I AM WOMAN podcast

“Tania is an amazing person. She has used her incredible success as an opportunity to promote the plight of those who are socially isolated and is actually doing something about it. That takes courage.”   Rotary International Womens Day Committee

“On behalf of ANZ and the ANZ Diversity Council, I would again like to thank you for your fantastic participation and contribution to our International Womens Day celebrations at ANZ this morning. Your passion and insights into the issues and opportunities women are exposed to on a daily basis, ensured every time you spoke, the audience were thoroughly engaged. You are not only an incredible entrepreneur and talented soprano, but a terrific public speaker and importantly, a very authentic ambassador for the advancement of women. It has been an honour and a privilege to spend time with you.” ANZ

“From the beginning of Tania’s presentation I was struck by her authenticity, her boldness, her family’s incredible journey and her achievements throughout her life. Following a ‘reality check’ about the changes the world is facing, it was inspiring to hear how Tania has given her time and energy to make a difference to people’s lives through the power of singing.  It was a timely reminder of how we, as human beings from all walks of life, can harness our capabilities for a positive future.  Tania is a very talented singer too, which is a treat!” Fran Reddan, Principal, Mentone Girls’ Grammar

“Thanks for your contribution to the Thinkers50 European Business Forum event in Odense. You raised the Energy in the room!”  Focus Advokater, Denmark

“Tania’s keynote at our conference was very well received, and we have received great feedback. Many of our delegates came away inspired, and enjoyed the insight into her life and family. Tania was professional and even attended our welcome event, networking with attendees, which we very much appreciate. Thank you Tania!” Community Broadcasting Association of Australia

“Thank you so much for the engaging and interesting lecture you gave at our Rex J Lipman Fellows Program. We received excellent feedback about your address and the time you spent with students and teachers. We hope to welcome you back to St Peter’s College in the future.” Matthew White PhD, St Peter’s College

“Thank you for your presence, energy and songs. It was an honour to have you at the conference!” Beyond Psychedelics Prague 2018

“A big thank you for participating in the book launch as both as a panellist and singer. Your contribution, both the reading of the letter of your mother and your performances were beautiful and an important part of the event.” Australian Embassy Vienna

“Creative Brainstorming plays a critical role in developing campaigns for the release of Universal’s films but it’s important for us to create new stimulus in order to get the best out of these sessions.  For this reason we engaged Tania and her team at Creative Universe to help fuel the brainstorming by using the technique of singing to unlock our creativity.  It really worked and we saw a difference in the quality of ideas generated by each individual.  In addition the experience of singing as group also served as a great team building exercise and was loads of fun.” Universal Pictures

“Overall, one of the most impressive workshops I have ever been to (note: 30 years in Defence = 100s seminars/workshops etc). My judgement is based on the fact that despite a very humid working area (Melb Indian summer) the energy levels of all participants was at maximum right up to the final minute. Overall, highly informative, motivational and fun” Defence Science and Technology Group

“Tania’s presentation was one of the most insightful and entertaining talks we had in recent months. The students and the professors thoroughly enjoyed the engaging talk and learnt about the power of creativity, innovation and collaboration. The importance of creativity in large corporations, the need for innovation specially in Australia and the real power of diversity are some of our key learnings we will remember and use. It was our privilege to hear her beautiful voice in the end , a perfect finish to the event. The event was a great success. A big thank you to Tania, on behalf of the students at Melbourne Business School.” Melbourne Business School

“The feedback we received from the session indicated that many thought it a highlight of the conference. By the conclusion of the session, the room was abuzz with energy, the faces of participants were bright and there was a really positive vibe.” Brown Brothers

“A joyous finale for our annual national conference. Hundreds of people on their feet, united in song.” Family Business Australia

“Tania’s talk to the cohort of students studying the Master of Entrepreneurship was a fantastic finale to our first semester. Tania’s personal story of entrepreneurship told with energy, passion and feeling inspired the cohort who were literally sitting on the edge of their seats. A memorable session indeed!” Wade Institute

“In the true spirit of volunteering, Tania de Jong gave generously and freely of her time and amazing talent at our 2016 National Volunteer Week forum, Follow My Lead – Exploring Successful Leadership for Volunteer Managers. Tania had the audience hanging-off her every word during her keynote presentation and her infectious energy ensured audience members were highly engaged in the panel session that followed. Our forum ended on a high when Tania led the audience in song.” Volunteering Victoria 

“It was an absolute pleasure working with you and everyone present was truly inspired by your address. The evening was full of women power and energy and your concluding note was no less than a cherry on top!”  Women Lead Australia

“A fabulous immersion in innovation and disruption – I’d thoroughly recommend for organisations and people wanting to assess how they approach innovation and those looking to understand the risks of disruption and how to convert that to opportunity.” Chris Collett, Managing Director, Greenhill

“An engaging presentation, inspired stories and high impact messages. Tania delivers a unique in-the-room experience.”  Kerryn Gamble, Managing Director, CORE Potential

“We spent a fabulous evening being entertained by Tania. Her presentation was well tailored to her audience. We were touched that she would share a private family story of her history, it was very inspiring to hear. Her work with fund raising and the choirs is truly amazing and all left impressed!
Then we wrapped with a finale of Tania singing La Vie en Rose which held everyone spellbound not only from the beauty of her singing but from the emotions it evoked in the wake of the attacks on Paris. Excellent evening, thank you.”  Business in Heels

“Tania has an ability to push people out of their comfort zones, something which is useful in facilitating creativity – just one of the subjects she is passionate about. Well networked and with a strong point of difference to most speakers and entrepreneurs, Tania’s presentation at Florence Guild was one of the more spontaneous and unusual that we’ve hosted here at Work Club Sydney.” Work Club

“Tania’s presentation at Creative Fuel 2015 was incredibly inspirational and a true highlight of the day. Tania provided relevant and thought provoking ideas to the audience around ‘Locking into your personal creativity’ and ended the day with a lovely and entertaining singing performance which delighted the audience. Tania picked up the mood in the room and truly lifted everyone’s spirits. I would highly recommend Tania for future presentations.” ADMA – Creative Fuel

“Tania – thank you for being our guest presenter.  Inspiring, moving and so entertaining!  The group has told me it’s one of the best MS Angels events we’ve had and we appreciate you giving your time to come and speak to us.” MS Angels

“Thank you so much for an inspiring and fun evening. The team absolutely loved you and your guidance through the concept of innovation and creativity. We loved it!” Viking Cruises

“Beautiful, personal model of making a difference – inspiring and genuine.”  Participant, Thought Dynamics “21st Century Leadership Summit

“Tania’s presentation was very moving and sensitive. I admit I got a little teary.” Participant, Thought Dynamics “21st Century Leadership Summit

“Extremely valuable content of great importance – the power of creativity.” Participant, Thought Dynamics “21st Century Leadership Summit

“I gained extensive knowledge that I can apply to my business now as well as knowledge that has altered my thinking on leadership.” Participant, Thought Dynamics “21st Century Leadership Summit

“Tania de Jong presented at our Victorian Speakers Association Event. Not only did her ability to engage the audience keep our members involved throughout the evening, but Tania’s style enhanced the energy of the room and the mood of the event. I would highly recommend her as a speaker and performer and believe she would be an asset to any conference or convention program.” Russell Pearson, State President (SA, VIC, TAS) National Speakers Association of Australia

“Tania, thank you so much for being part of BCG’s 50th birthday Celebration Day. The feedback from our staff on your session has been tremendous – it was a real standout for many of us. One of the teams told me that before your workshop, they were struggling to get the rest of their team to engage and be creative and that afterwards they all wanted to be involved and participate. Thank you for being flexible and accommodating with our event. Your energy, passion, enthusiasm and joie de vivre are a real inspiration. Keep it up!” Miguel Carrasco, Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

“Thank you for being one of main drawcards at our Florey Innovation Symposium and giving the opening address. You set the scene beautifully for what was to follow with presentations from a broad array of neuroscientists and related disciplines. There is no doubt that the link between innovation, creativity and practical outcomes is beautifully enhanced by creative minds.” Geoffrey Donnan AO, The Florey Institute

“Tania de Jong is an inspiration, motivator and successful business women whom the Copia Club had the privilege of working with recently. Tania’s combination of creativity and professionalism to include and work the whole room whilst still personalising her presentation around the Copia Club was fantastic. I look forward to having the opportunity of working with Tania again.” Scott Davies, CEO & Director Copia Club

“Your speech and song were real masterpieces! YOU REALLY WOWED THEM!”
Sir Gus Nossal AC, The Florey Institute

“Tania presented recently to over 80 people at DeakinPrime lunch.  Tania presented on ‘How to unleash more creativity and innovation in an era of disruption’. The session was dynamic and extremely well received.” DeakinPrime

“Tania de Jong spoke at our business luncheon at four CPA Australia Not-for-profit events held around Australia. Her talk was inspirational and highly engaging. Tania has a beautiful voice and her performance was well received at all four conferences. Tania and her team are highly professional, Tania works very hard to understand the audience and tailor her presentation accordingly.” CPA Australia

“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I thought your speech during the graduation ceremony at CQ University, Melbourne was extremely impressive. It was an extraordinarily creative and inspiring address, and quite possibly the most memorable I have witnessed in my three and a half years in Melbourne.” Yasufumi Kotake, Consul-General of Japan, Melbourne

“You were wonderful. You engaged with over 700 of our consultants in a powerful way and reinforced our own potential. The standing ovation was a testament to the way you moved us into a different headspace. Many people have mentioned it was the best session they have attended at a conference anywhere!” Price Waterhouse Coopers

“The event last night was a great success, and on a number of different levels. It was fun, built trust and shared experience amongst our group, and helped advance the leadership program we are workshopping. Your contribution was wonderful and you obviously have a winning set of products that are refreshingly different. Thank you for sharing the experience with us last night. BHP

“Your presentation “Creative Leadership – The Key to Success in Uncertain Times” was excellent, evidenced by the number and calibre of questions from the audience. You provided cutting edge public policy thinking for our Trustees. Feedback from the event has been excellent.” CEDA

“This golden-voiced diva gave us all goose bumps. Her message was powerful and her never give up attitude was so inspiring. She has clearly earned her success through hard work and extraordinary talent. Entertaining and brilliant!” Ernst & Young – Entrepreneur of the Year

“We really enjoyed your presentation and it was energising and inspiring.  There is always an uplift in the room, once people realise that it’s okay for them to speak and contribute. The final music piece was gorgeous – even the wait staff were captivated!” ANZ Private Bank

“A great activity that really brought together our 250 HR leaders as one team. We started with 70% saying they couldn’t sing and finished with an amazing four-part harmony song that they really were proud of. Highly recommended!” Andrea Grant, Telstra

“Your One Team, One Voice presentation and workshop was the perfect fit for our conference which brought together over 100 of our management and leadership team. You, Shaun and the entire team at Creative Universe were the ultimate professionals in the lead up to the event, and made my job as the event organiser so much easier. At the dinner event where you presented your personal and uplifting life-story, followed by some memorable performances set the perfect tone for engaging with the crowd to demonstrate the power of an individual and then that of the group! I have received nothing but positive feedback from attendees about how invigorating the workshop was and how in a very lively and active way, we could indeed sing with one voice! The general make up of our delegates was very “blokey” and I was fearful that they would not give 100% when they found out we were all going to be singing – but how wrong I was… I can still see them all stamping their feet and singing with gusto!” Veolia

“We were delighted with the impact and outcome of your session. Many people have made positive comments on the session and the energy and passion that it produced. Brilliant!” AON Top 200 Conference

“Tania de Jong recently gave an inspiring keynote address at the ISPIM Innovation Symposium in Melbourne. Tania engaged the audience with her insights into innovation in Australia and even managed to get them to participate in some group singing activities. However, the best was left to last as she treated the audience to a great anecdote about her innovative grandmother and finished with a wonderful song. The feedback I personally received from our delegates was excellent and I would be happy to recommend Tania as a keynote speaker at any innovation event.” The International Society for Professional Innovation Management

“Tania has the lovely and unusual ability to share the narrative of her amazing life and talent with a room full of people and connect and engage with warmth and ease. We worked together recently and she glides gracefully and poignantly through her sessions; beautifully merging her worldliness and her sense of theatre with the serious business of motivating human beings to do more, to explore their sense of self and look at their world through different lenses. To top it off she is charming and warm and has a glorious captivating voice. She has an abundant world view and gives back way more than she takes. Tania is a very special person.” Jim Grant, Dattner Grant

“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I thought your speech during the graduation ceremony at CQ University, Melbourne was extremely impressive. It was an extraordinarily creative and inspiring address, and quite possibly the most memorable I have witnessed in my three and a half years in Melbourne.” Yasufumi Kotake, Consul-General of Japan, Melbourne

“Tania is an inspiring speaker who is evidently committed to uniting people from all walks of life through ‘voice’.  She connects with people on a deep level through her engaging story telling.  Tania has a vitality about her that is contagious and motivational and she is an outstanding role model for leaders who want to create positive change.  Her voice is something not to be missed – and neither is she.  She is truly memorable.” Associate Professor Dianne Vella-Brodrick (PhD), Director, Master of Applied Positive Psychology program, University of Melbourne 

“Just a short note to thank you for sharing in our 15th birthday celebration!  Your contribution to the panel, discussing your journey and lessons learned, provided invaluable insight to our audience. Your easy-going style, willingness to share and wisdom added an extra dimension to the event.  I thank you most sincerely for allowing other women in management to learn from you and for your generosity in participating.  We all enjoyed your beautiful operatic close to the event and a number of us, myself included, had a tear in our eyes!  You are certainly one very talented lady.” Kim McGuiness, Managing Director, Network Central

“Thank you so much for your presentation. The feedback from delegates has been very positive with responses focussing on your theme of unlocking the creativity of those in the workforce. Several indicated they intend going back to their organisations with a mission to harness the creativity of their staff more effectively . You certainly touched a nerve with many of them signalling the risk-averse culture that has been steadily built up over the years standing as a barrier to their organisation’s going forward and have been inspired by  you to reverse the trend.” National Local Government Human Resource Conference

“We were excited to have Tania speak as part of our Excellence Seminar Series. The postgraduate students and staff who attended the talk only had wonderful things to say about her. They found her presentation inspiring, creative, engaging and very personal. Tania’s personality shone through her style and everyone responded to her beautiful heart. We would like to thank Tania for her amazing gifts and sharing them with us.” Monash Postgraduate Association

“We were delighted with your ability to deliver a very personal story that young people could engage with, relate to and contextualise.  Fun, relevant, aspirational and real – your story and ideas tick so many of the reflective boxes yet left us all feeling positive and knowing we have much to do and look forward to both personally and collectively.” Northcote High School Graduation Oration

“Your insightful, and highly entertaining presentation certainly provided our audience with a detailed perspective and greater understanding into why creativity is more important now than ever before, and some of the key benefits to nurturing creativity which you identified such as: improved well being, leadership, and increased productivity, further highlighted how creativity ultimately leads to innovation.

Your in-depth knowledge into why diversity is also critical to unlocking creative potential and thus enabling innovation to flourish, was of great interest to our attendees, and was further demonstrated in the example you provided through your highly successful ‘One Voice’ program.”
Innovation Series, Brisbane

“Very energising and inspirational session… excellent and very empowering! Gave us lots to think about. We enjoyed the intimate, conversational atmosphere too! ” Australian Institute of Management, session presented by Tania de Jong AM on “Finding your passion and purpose”

“We would like to thank Tania de Jong for her motivational speech at our NSW/ACT conference. The work Tania delivers on a day to day basis has inspired the whole NSW/ACT organisation to think outside the square and to be creative. In today’s market the usual job search techniques are not enough to get our disadvantaged job seekers into employment and listening to her inspirational talk and video showed everyone that there is more than one way to motivate and help our clients into sustainable employment. Listening to real life success stories was the true success along with her amazing voice. Our employees were engaged and participated and got NSW/ACT to ‘ONE VOICE’. Inspirational!” Max Employment

“Innovator, entrepreneur, entertainer – Tania has it all and delivers it all! Tania gave our CEO members so much more than we expected – highly recommended for your next event.” The CEO Institute

“Tania de Jong presented at the 2011 Australian Regional Women Leaders Convention in Melbourne. She was a keynote presenter at the fundraising dinner and performed songs to accompany her presentation . The session was warmly received by the two hundred women attending from all over Australia. Not only was Tania responsive to the needs of regional living, she related to the struggles and everyday challenges of work when it isn’t aligned to your passion. She entertained the audience and contributed a warm and relaxing tone to the evening. Women were inspired by her journey, humour and talent.” Suzi Finkelstein, Executive Convenor Women and Leadership Australia

“The final session of Day I when you transformed 850+ people into the Mind & Its Potential choir was simply brilliant – inspirational, moving and a lot of fun! The performance at the Gala Dinner was also superlative and I know the speakers involved loved playing their part.” Mind & Its Potential 2010

“Tania presented a keynote to our 450 delegates from Catholic Care programs across Sydney. Her powerful keynote inspired and moved all of us to unlock more of our creative potential and find our passion and purpose. To top it all off her beautiful voice enchanted us all. It was a very life-affirming session and we have received great feedback from our staff.” Catholic Care Total Staff Day

“The team workshop led by Tania de Jong and Shaun Islip for our 450 delegates created an enormous sense of belonging and trust amongst our diverse group. We were absolutely delighted with the final outcome of “one team, one voice, one heart”. If you had told us at the start that we would all be singing an African gospel song in 4 part harmony with actions we would never have believed you! It was a very life-affirming session and we have received great feedback from our staff.” Catholic Care Total Staff Day

“One of the most memorable participative workshops many of us have ever experienced. The “One Team, One Voice” workshop highlighted our key aims of creativity and innovation as tools for great leadership, and team work. The workshop brought these to life and proved that working as one team aligned to one outcome, can achieve amazing results.” Mark Goddard, Spotlight

“We had great feedback about your session – in fact, I was sitting next to someone at the dinner who had been in your session and they said that you had them all singing and she was amazed that everyone participated! She said she gained some ideas that she would not have thought about to help with her teaching.” Girls Education National Conference

“Fabulous, amazing & joyful – Aha moments! Wonderfully inspirational, uplifting & refreshing. Thought provoking & emotional. Great story telling. Great concept & initiatives – gave me lots to think about at a personal level and a business/learning and development level Lovely message – those who feel included, valued & supported achieve great outcomes. Very relevant. Best session so far.” Comments from Australian Institute of Training and Development National Conference

“The National Board and others really enjoyed having you with us for the two days and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and your enchanting performance at the dinner. Your keynote was powerful, engaging and inspiring. I heard nothing but glowing reports from the Board about your performance, so you really made an impact!” Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

“I have attended many ‘motivational’ sessions during my time in the telecommunications industry and I can honestly say that this was the first time that I had been ‘touched’ during such sessions.” “Tania de Jong is a great story-teller and her presentation on creativity was wonderful!” Australian Positive Psychology Conference

“It is a rarity to meet a person like yourself, and the world becomes a better and brighter place in your infectious presence and for what you stand and do. A spellbinding presentation. Keep up the great work.” The Indus Entrepreneur (TIE)

“Tania provided us with an evening of entertainment and personal challenge. Her own history and achievements make for some captivating listening and the group exercise was challenging but was also a fun thing to participate in.” Coates

“Thank you for a truly inspiring session yesterday. The engagement of staff was absolutely fabulous and there has been much positive feedback.” Helen Drennen, Principal Wesley College

“Your workshop at the Mind & Its Potential conference was inspiring and exceptionally joyful…My head was still buzzing with the harmony chord for a good hour after the workshop.” Irene Tj, Thursday Island Primary Health Care Centre

“Swinburne University was honoured that Tania agreed to speak to our graduates at two of our recent Graduation ceremonies. Tania was just terrific. She gave an inspiring Occasional Dress to the Graduates. Her speech was encouraging, uplifting, appropriately challenging, and of course, beautifully finished off with a song. Our Graduates were simply captivated. Well done Tania.” Bill Scales AO, Chancellor, Swinburne University of Technology

“Your story of how the ‘Melbourne Sings Choir’ came about and the people involved was inspirational. It is wonderful to see so many corporate organisations supporting this amazing group. You are definitely someone who is making a difference. You also captivated the audience with your amazing voice. So many people commented that they couldn’t believe such a powerful sound came from such a petite person. The atmosphere in the room was amazing as you and Jonathan sang for us. You have a wonderful gift, and we thank you for sharing that with us.” Yvette Jean, Australian Institute of Office Professionals

“Mark Twain said: ’Sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching, and live like it’s heaven on earth’. This philosophy epitomizes Tania de Jong!” Professor John Seybolt, Dean of Melbourne Business School

“Tania de Jong brought warmth, enthusiasm and inspiration to our launch of Constellation Professional Women’s Speaker Series. We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback on our selection of speaker. Tania managed to transcend our business world with her background as a lawyer, evoked compassion and understanding with her family history and encouraged us to be resilient when our dreams are shattered. She inspired us all to look for the music in our lives, let our dreams soar and our voices sing.” Deirdre Hosking, Founding Patron, Constellation, NAB

“Tania de Jong recently delivered a very engaging breakfast presentation to over 80 of my clients at the Melbourne Hilton. Bridgeworks Leadership breakfasts have been running for over 8 years now with over 2,500 people attending during this period. Tania’s presentation was the most engaging speaker we have had – never in my dreams did I believe I would have over 80 of my clients holding hands and singing all in tune! A great testament to the ability of Tania to not only get a critical message across but getting people to take immediate action. Leadership is about taking action – there’s no doubt Tania, that is what you delivered. Great presentation, great fun and most important, a message that people won’t forget. Thanks again for ‘bringing to life’ creativity in leadership. Others are good at the talk, you walk the talk!” Wayne Dyson, Director, Bridgeworks

“Your work is really inspirational and your presentation was a huge hit!” 2nd Australian Positive Psychology and Well-Being Conference

“I was the facilitator for the annual planning workshop for a consulting firm. Everybody was contributing, and all were involved in the discussions. Then Tania came in for her session with the team. She took them to a higher level; she got people in touch with deeper places inside themselves, and released the energy…something special was radiated within the room – it was joyous to see everyone finding their potential, being creative and expressing themselves in ways that they never would have imagined possible. It took them beyond their previous limitations.” Geoff Hopkins, Director, Holistique for Jo Fisher Recruitment

“Tania de Jong managed to challenge and inspire us to think beyond the usual bounds of leadership style by taking us on a journey of breath, chant and song. It affirmed for many that if allowed, creativity can and will ‘create’ great leaders.” Committee for Melbourne participant

“It was refreshing to do something completely different and to listen to Tania’s magnificent voice. Tania was also a very engaging speaker who clearly demonstrated that encouraging creativity in the workplace results in benefits for both the organisation and employees.”Committee for Melbourne Future Focus Group

“Your presentation on the Creative Australia Charity’s With One Voice Program for Monash University Diversity and Inclusion Week was inspirational. It was a great opportunity to learn how the With One Voice Program engages people of diverse backgrounds, assisting those in need and breaking down social barriers. It was wonderful to meet you and your speech was highly engaging. Monash University

“Can you pass on appreciation to Tania for demonstrating that creativity in business can actually work? Although a short session, it was apparent to me that Tania’s passion, energy and initiative can flow through and bring out the creative side in everyone and can assist in improving all aspects of a business, irrespective of its field of expertise. Interactive leadership workshops are always more productive and enjoyable, and this one was a belter.” Committee for Melbourne Future Focus Group

“Thank you for your presentation ‘Creative City in uncertain times’ and Panel organising and facilitation for the recent Business Event/Lunch as part of the Melbourne Awards series. The Creativity theme was excellently presented and well received by the audience – it was very engaging.” Wayne Kayler-Thomson, CEO VECCI

“Tania entertained staff after a day long workshop and uplifted us all. The staff were primarily telecommunications and project management staff, and predominantly male. For any post workshop activity after a long day and dinner, to energize and entertain would be a challenge. Tania managed to totally engage and take her audience to a place where I don’t think we ever expected to go. To get her audience harmonizing as a group activity was a fantastic experience, and I can say from my perspective, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would recommend her without reservation.”Michael Bruce, Chief Technology Officer, Visionstream

A most unique and inspiring bonding experience that simulated and confronted our norms. We initially found ourselves entirely out of our comfort zone to then be transcended as a team through harmony as one voice! Ric Oldham, General Manager, Visionstream Leighton Contractors Telecommunications Division

“Most inspiring, innovative and refreshing. The program was very interactive and required all present to participate. It empowered us as individuals and as a group. It was challenging and also helped to release some tension and frustrations in a constructive manner. I would strongly recommend this program as a team building exercise, to assist in improving self esteem and enhanced communications between groups that need to work together more closely. The program is most useful in transforming and building a stronger and more cohesive team.”Steve Karistianis, Senior National Project Manager, Visionstream

Tania is one of those rare people who change the world for the better and who positively influence and create opportunities for the community. At a recent presentation to BPW Geelong Tania inspired our members to rediscover their inner creativity, to aim high and to persevere toward achieving their goals. Her passion and enthusiasm for singing and music is infectious. Jenny Gretgrix Vice-President BPW Geelong

“All the TED and TEDx talks I’ve watched have been amazing, but Tania de Jong’s was the most amazing yet! Seeing how the spark of wonder that is so often hidden in people can bloom with love, connection, encouragement and friends is one of the best of feelings. Earlier tonight I was talking with friends about a group we want to set up for people who are living alone or feeling alone. We want to make it fun and caring and useful and to help each other give inspiration and meaning to the people in our small rural town. Tania, you and the awesome people you work and sing with, are an inspiration to everyone whose lives you touch, and will make a big difference to the success of our little group. I might even try to overcome one of my fears and reach one of my goals – to learn to sing and one day sing in public. To you and all those in one voice – THANK YOU so much – you rock!!!” Heidi Freeman

“Your personal commitment and charity work is inspiring. Your vision and drive is inspiring. You are an inspiration. You have touched so many people and last night you touched me. I wanted you to know the impact you are making on so many people, including me. You are outstanding.”Peter