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A special album of divine music and meditation to soothe, illuminate and transform…
Featuring Charlie Hogg, Tania de Jong, Ayako Ichimaru and David Kilowsky

This album was inspired at a Brahma Kumaris Retreat in the Blue Mountains in Australia in 2022.

In this ever-changing, unstable world, the spiritual awakening of each one of us is needed more than ever. Knowing and experiencing our deepest identity as “I am a peaceful soul” is the essential foundation of this.

The Brahma Kumaris have been tirelessly promoting meditation and a way of life based on this understanding which is transforming the lives of millions worldwide.

Artists involved in this album have experienced tremendous benefits from it in their own spiritual journeys. They had a vision to bring inner peace and hope through music and meditation.

The album is a gift to the broader community and we’re therefore releasing it for free.

Om shanti – I am a peaceful soul.

Tania de Jong, Charlies Hogg, Ayako Ichimaru, David Kilowsky

With gratitude for the talents of:


  1. Awakening – composed by Ayako Ichimaru and music arrangement by Sam McNally (original composition) – 4:47
  2. The Angelic Soul – Meditation by Charlie Hogg – 8:35
  3. Ave Maria – Franz Schubert, performed by Tania de Jong and Anthony Barnhill (from her album ‘Flying Free’) – 4:18
  4. Experiencing the Divine – Meditation by Charlie Hogg – 16:08
  5. The Everlasting Light – Tania de Jong with lyrics by Tania and composition by Anthony Barnhill (from Tania’s album ‘Flying Free’) – 4:19
  6. Air on the G String – Johann Sebastian Bach, performed by Ayako Ichimaru – 4:54
  7. Soul Journey – Tania de Jong, lyrics by Tania and composed by Robert Haig Coxon (from Tania’s album ‘Heaven on Earth’) – 3:36
  8. Who Am I – Meditation by Charlie Hogg – 18:49
  9. Going Home – composed by Ayako Ichimaru and music arrangement by Sam McNally – 3:56
  10. Going Home – Tania de Jong adapted from Symphony No. 9 in E minor (From the New World) Op. 95, B. 178, Largo (1893), composer Antonín Dvořák, arr. Joe Chindamo (from Tania’s album ‘Heaven on Earth’) – 4:22

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Presented by the Umbrella Foundation and The Brahma Kumaris

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