The Sound Bath is a mind-altering healing experience where everyone contributes to a beautiful sound tapestry which bathes those in the centre of the circle in loving kindness and unity consciousness.

Sound Baths facilitate a shift in your brainwave state creating mind-altering experience.  Through frequency and entrainment with sound it’s possible and simple to move down from our beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), with the majority of people able to reach theta (meditative state) and even delta (where internal healing can occur.  Some people also experience colours and visions of higher realms. The sound bath takes participants to a deeper place of relaxation.

The workshop will commence with some breathwork and basic vocal technique to maximise the harmony we can create together. Tania may also sing a special song to conclude.

A truly transcendental experience – not to be missed!

Facilitator Tania de Jong is an acclaimed international soprano and voice healer. She has led Sound Bath experiences all over the world in a range of locations including Esalen Institute USA, Golden Door, Chartres France and at yoga, meditation, leadership and health retreats, conferences and special events.

Minimum attendance: 30 people. It sounds wonderful with hundreds of people!:)

Venue: Indoors with comfortable floor and ideally some yoga mats in the centre where people can lie down to experience the bath.

BYO yoga mat and instruments eg. singing bowls, chimes, gongs etc. and you may like to wear an eye mask (optional)

Enquiries and bookings:  or 03 8679 6000

Watch: Find your Voice workshop and Sound Bath highlights video