ONE TEAM ONE VOICE is a brilliant team building activity designed to heighten wellbeing, creativity and innovation, emotional expression and self awareness. We have successfully delivered this approach to groups ranging from executive teams of 10 to entire departments and companies and more than 1000 delegates at national and international conferences and special events. Industries have ranged from banking, finance and accounting to resources, retail, IT and telecommunications.  The results are meaningful, magical and measurable.

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Best Team Building Activity for Organisations

Best Team Building Activity for Organisations

Many organizations today have turned to workplace innovation programs in the conviction that creativity is one key to competitive survival. And organizations know their ability to innovate lies in the creativity and abilities of their people. The individual needs to understand and adopt internal thinking processes that increase the potential for new thinking. Organizations have to do the same. The workshop will offer a powerful and transformational team leadership development experience in which self-limiting beliefs are removed and participants will find a new paradigm for ideas, potential and possibility.

Research clearly shows the need to engage the right side of the brain to unlock our creative thought processes. The key to unlock this right side function, that is easiest to access, is music. This is why music in its various forms is so popular with people of all backgrounds. Whatever the role, function, department or level music is a universal language and leveller. Its power to generate open mindedness and creative thoughts is immense. Everyone can make a vital contribution to the energy within the organization by feeling free to express themselves.

In this workshop we use a variety of non-threatening, yet highly engaging processes to bring people together and build trust through the power of music. This leads to generating of new streams of thoughts and ideas for business development. Importantly the group engagement factor lifts immeasurably through the shared experiences. By engaging the creative right side of the brain with the logical left side, we bring a powerful whole-of-mind engagement process to all participants. This is then leveraged to create a shared vision and ownership of the goals of the organisation.

“Thank you for a truly inspiring session yesterday. The engagement of staff was absolutely fabulous and there has been much positive feedback.” Helen Drennen, Principal Wesley College

“The program is most useful in transforming and building a stronger and more cohesive team.” Visionstream/Leightons

“A great activity that really brought together our 250 HR leaders as one team. We started with 70% saying they couldn’t sing and finished with an amazing four-part harmony song that they really were proud of. Highly recommended!” Andrea Grant, Telstra

“The speech was heartfelt and moving and you presented one of the most memorable participative workshops many of us have experienced. The ‘With One Voice’ workshop highlighted our key aims of creativity and innovation as tools for great leadership and teamwork. The workshop brought these to life and proved that working as one team aligned to one outcome can achieve amazing results.”
“I felt uncontrollably joyous!” Australia Cares Conference

“It brought the group so much closer together; the room was tingling with our combined energy.” Participant from Macquarie Bank

“I could not stop my lips from turning upwards and smiling during the session! It made me feel so happy and alive!” Participant from Accenture

“It was truly amazing to hear everyone singing in a manner none of them thought possible! Finding the key event to launch a day of creative and innovative thinking was not easy however we ‘nailed’ it with Finding Your Voice.” Centro Properties Group – Marketing Managers Conference

“I was the facilitator for the annual planning workshop for a consulting firm. Everybody was contributing, and all were involved in the discussions. Then Tania came in for her session with the team. She took them to a higher level; she got people in touch with deeper places inside themselves, and released the energy…something special was radiated within the room – it was joyous to see everyone finding their potential, being creative and expressing themselves in ways that they never would have imagined possible. It took them beyond their previous limitations.” Geoff Hopkins – Principal, Holistique

“Tania de Jong managed to challenge and inspire us to think beyond the usual bounds of leadership style by taking us on a journey of breath, chant and song. It affirmed for many that if allowed, creativity can and will ‘create’ great leaders.” Committee for Melbourne Future Focus Group

“I felt uncontrollably joyous!” Australia Cares Conference