Tania speaks and writes regularly on topics including leadership, creativity, innovation, disruption, entrepreneurship, community, wellbeing, music and social inclusion. She has appeared on ABC TV and Radio, Sky News, Channel 10 and featured in Australian Financial Review, BOSS magazine, QANTAS magazine, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and many other print media. She has written articles and opinion pieces for The Australian, Huffington Post, Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and a huge range of industry media and magazines in the profit and not-for-profit sectors. Her TEDx Talk has sparked international interest. See Tania’s speaking, leadership and performance videos

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Articles & Interviews on Tania and her projects:

Feature in Peninsula Essence, December 2023, “From the Heart” Read the review here.

Review in Weekend Notes, May 2023, “Driftwood The Musical” Read the review here.

Review in Sydney Morning Herald by Sue Williams and Harriet Cunningham, 24/05/23, “Driftwood The Musical”

“This is a heartfelt show…the inventive storytelling and excellent performances, along with a not-unwelcome dose of nostalgia, make it hard to resist. Anthony Barnhill’s impressive score, which deserves a bigger band, melds razor-sharp narrative and big showstoppers with the emotional jolt of traditional Jewish prayer song. Meanwhile, director Gary Abrahams stitches together the complicated, stop-start episodes with clarity and pace.” Sue Williams and Harriet Cunningham, Sydney Morning Herald

Read the full review here.

Feature in The Daily Telegraph, 19/05/2023, “Slawa’s invention is a ray of sunshine to all” Read the feature here.

Feature in Herald Sun, V Weekend, 13-14/05/2023, “Passion Play” Read the feature here.

Saga of three generations unfolds from an umbrella, Sydney Morning Herald, 10 May 2023 Read the article here.

REVIEW | Driftwood The Musical, Dance Life Australia, 6 May 2023

“Driftwood The Musical is a triumph of storytelling that leaves a profound impact on its audience. Through the captivating stories of Karl and Slawa Duldig, the production rekindles our appreciation for empathy, compassion, and the unyielding human spirit.” Read the article here.

Tania de Jong AM, Anthony Barnhill, and the cast of Driftwood The Musical, The Stage Show with Michael Cathcart, ABC Radio National, 18 April 2023, Listen to the interview here (begins at 30 min).

Driftwood The Historical Musical Story, ABC Nightlife with Phillip Clark, 18 April 2023, Listen to the interview here.

Driftwood, a mother-daughter legacy on the Sydney stage, The Sunday Telegraph, 16 April 2023

“The Driftwood story is understandably extremely close to our hearts it’s been a privilege to be able to tell this story on Australian stages” – Tania de Jong AM Read the article here.

Building Bridges out of Driftwood, Limelight Magazine, 11 April 2023

Driftwood, the feel-good Australian musical with a profound message, is revived and touring. Next stop New York City? Read the article here.

Pair’s Psychedelic Trip to New Outlook, The Australian, 17 December 2022

Tania de Jong AM and Peter Hunt AM discuss their inspirations, background, and the future of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies. (PDF here)

The banker and the soprano who became psychedelic pioneers, The Australian, 16 December 2022

Famed investment banker Peter Hunt and trail-blazing soprano Tania de Jong’s controversial mission to legalise psychedelics has both brought them closer and been their biggest challenge. Read the article here. (PDF here)

The Year that Made Me: Tania De Jong, 2017

Tania de Jong AM talks about undergoing psychedelic therapy and the focus it gave her. She is currently in rehearsal for the premiere season of the musical, Driftwood, which is based on the memoir of her mother, Eva, and the story of her grandparents, who escaped the Holocaust. Listen to the episode here.

Driftwood: a new Australian musical about survival, hope, art and family, LimeLight, 7 April 2022

Tania de Jong discusses the creation of the new musical based on the lives of her grandparents, Austrian/Australian sculptor Karl Duldig and his artist/inventor wife Slawa Horowitz-Duldig. Read the article here.

Crappy to Happy Podcast, January 2022

In this episode, Cass chats with Tania de Jong AM, who is a social entrepreneur, incredibly talented Soprano. and co-founder of the not-for-profit, Mind Medicine Australia. Tania shares the remarkable results that are being achieved with psychedelic-assisted therapies for a range of mental illnesses, what the current status is in terms of TGA approval and availability, how therapists can upskill in this area, and what consumers can expect in terms of access to these treatments. Listen to the full episode here.

Wellspring Mag, December 2021

In our latest article and interview, Tania de Jong AM, Executive Director at Mind Medicine Australia, discusses the re-emergence of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Tania explores the power of psilocybin and Syrian rue in mental illness treatment and the misconceptions surrounding psychedelics. Read the article here.

Perspectives Podcast with Sharon Pearson, June 2021

Today my extraordinary guest is Tania de Jong AM, the Founder and Executive Director of Mind Medicine Australia. Tania is listed on the 100 most influential people in psychedelics in the world for her remarkable work in a field that is maybe to some of us, a little left of centre and that is working to ensure that some psychedelics, namely psilocybin and MDMA become legalised within Australia for therapeutic purposes. Listen to the full podcast here.

ABC Sydney Evenings with Sarah MacDonald, April 2021

Sarah MacDonald interviews Tania de Jong AM on ABC Sydney Evenings. Listen to the full interview here.

Thinkers & Doers, Wellbeing Magazine, January 2021

With the voice of an angel, the heart of a lion and the soul of a mystic, Tania de Jong AM leads a varied and productive life. She is a gifted soprano with an entrepreneurial flair
and a passion for giving. Having built numerous businesses, performed in countless venues, released many CDs and established three charities, her latest vision is to transform the treatment of mental illness in Australia. Read the article here

Ari in the Air Podcast, September 2020

Tania is an inspirational speaker, opera singer, business woman and social entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of Mind Medicine Australia, a non-profit working to legalise psychedelics for clinical use in Australia. Her history is quite unlikely for such an endeavor, which makes it all the more interesting. In this episode we talk about her own journey into psychedelics as well as my own, we talk about the frightening state of discourse in the world and what it’s like to hold contrarian views that oppose the current mob of group thinkers. This is an awesome episode and I’m stoked to bring it to you. Listen to the podcast here

The Third Wave Podcast, August 2020

The Third Wave takes you inside the ongoing evolution of the global psychedelic renaissance, presenting insightful dialogue with cutting edge scientists, entrepreneurs, therapists, authors, philosophers. In this wide-ranging podcast, Tania de Jong AM and Paul F. Austin talk about mental health, surviving trauma, the mind-altering power of music, catapulting into the cosmos with psychedelics, kangaroos, and folding umbrellas. Listen to the podcast here

The Courageous Life Podcast, April 2020

Founded by coach and teacher Joshua Steinfeldt, The Courageous Life is a global conversation with thought leaders and everyday heroes about overcoming fear and growing courage to pursue what matters most in life, work, and love. Tania de Jong AM sits down with Josh for a conversation – Changing the World, One Voice at a Time. Listen to the podcast here

VOCE Dialogues, April 2020

Singer, innovatory educator, author and founder of The Naked Voice, Chloe Goodchild’s podcast, VOCE Dialogues explores our diverse artistic disciplines as spiritual practice, highlighting the transformative power of communication on the planet at this critical time. Tania de Jong AM sits down with Chloe for a conversation – Tania de Jong, international soprano, speaker & social entrepreneur. Listen to the podcast here

Holocaust Trauma, Psilocybin and the Fight for Psychedelic Therapy with Tania de Jong, Stoned Ape podcast, April 2020

In this episode of the Stoned Ape podcast hosted by Stuart Preston, Tania de Jong, shares her story of trauma stemming from her family’s holocaust survival and her journey into psychedelics, as well as the amazing work she and her husband are doing in the non-profit field of psychedelic therapy. Please enjoy this episode with Tania de Jong. Listen to the podcast here

The Medicine of Creativity with Tania de Jong, Inspired Evolution, January 2020

Tania de Jong AM joins Professional Mindfulness Consultant Amrit Sandhu to discuss mindfulness, innovation, creativity and how singing can bring people together. Tania also speaks about one of her charities Mind Medicine Australia (MMA) which supports research and innovation in the treatment of mental health and psychological wellbeing through the use of psychedelic assisted therapy. Watch video

ABC Radio, Tania de Jong interview with Jennie Lenman, March 2018
Tania de Jong AM has a passion for music. She is not only a world-renowned soprano singer but is also an award-winning social innovator, having established two non-for-profit organisations ‘Creativity Australia’ and ‘Creative Universe’. Tania joins Jennie Lenman to talk about her philosophy and the value of her choir social inclusion programs. Listen to the interview

The Australian Financial Review, Banker’s magic mushroom experiment pays off, October 2019
Peter Hunt, the former chairman of Greenhill, flew to the Netherlands to take psilocybin. He says “it was like pushing a reset button” on his brain. With partner Tania de Jong, they are funding the use of psychedelics to treat mental illness. Read the article on the AFR website      Read the PDF article

Catherine Plano I AM WOMAN Podcast,  Disruptive, Diverse and Divine Voice of an Angel with Tania de Jong, September 2017
Catherine is here today with Tania de Jong. Tania de Jong is a trail-blazing Australian soprano, award-winning social entrepreneur, creative innovation catalyst, spiritual journeywoman, storyteller and global speaker. She works across the public, private, creative and social sectors. Read the article and listen to the Podcast

When hitting the right note can change lives, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald Weekend, June 2019
In this article Tania showcases how the simple act of singing with others can heal broken spirits and save lives. Read the article

Qantas Talking Business with Alan Kohler, Podcast featuring Tania de Jong AM and other Ci2017 speakers, January 2018
Tania de Jong AM and Alan Kohler discuss key themes around Creative Innovation Global 2017 and more. Listen to the podcast

ABC Radio National, Interview with Tania de Jong AM on Loneliness and the growing social isolation of work, March 2018
In this interview Tania looks at loneliness in the workplace and offers a remedy. Listen to the interview

Reflections on 3MBS, Interview with Tania de Jong AM, March 2018
Tania recently sat down with Ted Davies from Reflections at 3MBS. In this interview Tania shared her fascinating life story, the With One Voice choirs, her journey with Pot-Pourri, her many passions and her totally positive attitude to life. Listen to the interview

The iN Show, Podcast featuring Tania de Jong AM, December 2017
Troy and David speak with Tania de Jong AM about the With One Voice program.  Listen to the podcast

The Age/Sydney Morning Herald, Creative Innovation asks: are we ready for the age of acceleration?, November 2017
Organiser Tania de Jong AM and her husband Peter Hunt AM, are visited by The Age/The Sydney Morning Herald to talk about future tech, AI, 2025 future predictions and more. Read the article

Huffington Post, Artificial Intelligence Will Widen The Gap Between Rich And Poor, August 2017
Globally, the economic divide is growing. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. In Australia, more than a quarter of households have recently experienced a decrease in income. Read the article

ABC Radio National, Nightlife featuring Australian diva Tania de Jong, October 2017

You’ve heard her sing the greatest operas of all time, but that’s only a tiny part of what she does. Australian soprano Tania de Jong is obsessed with choirs and firmly believes learning to sing together heals us all, making the world a happier place. Listen to the interview

ProBono Australia, Agility = The Most Important Word for Today’s Leaders, August 2017
Get ready for the future at the Creative Innovation 2017 Asia Pacific conference taking place 13-15 November 2017 in Melbourne, writes entrepreneur Tania de Jong AM. Read the article

The Huffington Post, How Co-Working Spaces Can Create Beautiful New Businesses, October 2016

Collaborative workspaces don’t just save money for startups and solve the problem of an isolating home office, they can lead to incredible new ventures, October 2016 – Read the article

The Huffington Post, Social Exclusion Doesn’t Occur In Isolation, August 2016

Tania de Jong AM discusses why social exclusion is the global epidemic of our time, August 2016 – Read Tania’s opinion piece

Mindfood, Finding a new voice, March 2017

Tania de Jong AM talks about Creativity Australia’s With One Voice program and finding your voice, March 2017 – Read the interview

The Daily Edition, Channel 7, August 2016

Tania de Jong AM talks about Sing for Good 2016 on Channel 7, August 2016 – Watch the interview

The Australian, Soprano Tania de Jong lends voice to Dimension5 start-up hub, April 2016

Tania de Jong is teaming up with IT company Dimension Data to set up Melbourne’s newest start-up hub, Dimension5. Read the article!

 The Moment HQ, Life Changing Moment, May 2016

Tania de Jong AM shares her Life Changing Moment – Overcoming Rejection to Believe in Herself, May 2016 – Audio

Voice America, How to tell powerful stories, June 2015

Tania talks about finding our own voice to tell our own stories and gives some tips on overcoming stage fright! Click here listen to the interview!

Kellman on CliffCentral, South Africa, August 2015

Tania de Jong AM interview with Kellman On CliffCentral, South Africa, August 2015 – Audio (from 13’35)

The Bucket List Guy, Travis Bell, June 2016

Interview with Travis Bell – Ep.37: Tania De Jong AM – Singer. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Inspiration. June 2016 – Audio

Tania talks about how her grandmother patented the foldable umbrella (then lost it), Anthill, May 2010

Article about Tania de Jong AM’s heritage and the launch of Creative Innovation 2010 Asia Pacific – Read the article

Juggler with a social conscience – AFR, 7-8 June, 2014

Click here to read!

Sing in the shower: Tania de Jong’s tips to be more creative in business – Smart Company, August 2015

In this article Tania talks about the Sing for Good campaign and outlines few tips on creativity. Click here to read the article

Convention and Incentive Marketing Magazine, Australasia’s leading business events magazine, May 2014

Click here to read!

Tania’s interview with The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald – March 15, 2014

Soprano on a mission. Click here to read!

Tania’s interview with WakeUpOnTEN – February 5, 2014

Why Australia needs to encourage innovation and celebrate failure. Click here to watch!

Tania’s TEDtalk on “How singing together changes the brain” – December 3, 2013

To watch Tania’s TEDtalk from TEDxMelbourne 2013 “Seeing the Unseen”, please click here, share it and don’t forget to leave your comments.

Changing the world one voice at a time – The Order (Association of the Order of Australia magazine), May 2014

To read Tania’s interview click here

It’s just crazy being lazy – The Australian, 30th January, 2014

Read the article

Creative leadership in the race to the future – The Sydney Morning Herald, 27th November, 2013

Read the article

Hit the high notes: Lessons on business innovation from soprano Tania de Jong AM – BRW, November 26,2013

Read the article

Widening the creative mix with Tania de Jong AM – My Career, The Saturday Age, November 16, 2013

Read the article

Inspiring people to find their voice – Australia Unlimited, November 6, 2013

Read the article

Power of the voice – CPA Australia, October 2013

Read the article

‘Introducing, on lead vocals…’ – Soprano Tania de Jong unleashes individual potential by tapping the power of song within – Deborah Tarrant, Qantas Magazine September 2011

Read the article

“Interview with Tania de Jong AM, Soprano” – New Land Magazine, September 2012

Read the article

In Private (ANZ Private Client Magazine) – Cover Story, Autumn 2011

Read the article

“To strike a chord” – Australian Financial Review, 24th May 2010

Read the article

Tania de Jong mixes a love of singing with management – Morris Kaplan, The Australian, January 23 2010

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“2 of us” – Good Weekend Magazine – 11 July 2009

Read the article

With a song in her briefcase – Lorna Edwards, The Age newspaper, March 9 2009

Read the article

Tania being interviewed on ABC Radio National’s Life Matters Program – December 10 2008

Listen to the interview

Best Practices, BNET Channel Inquiring Minds

Entrepreneur and entertainer Tania De Jong explains how to increase your creativity and be open to possibilities to achieve better business results and talks about her grandmother’s invention of the first foldable umbrella. Click here to view the video.

BNET Channel, What stops a business from being creative?

Tania de Jong discusses those elements which stifle creativity – including self-belief and fear of failure and rejection. Click here to view the video.

BNET Channel, Unlocking your Potential

Entrepreneur and entertainer Tania De Jong explains how to achieve your personal best. Click here to view the video.

Tania’s interview with WakeUpOnTEN – February 5, 2014

Why Australia needs to encourage innovation and celebrate failure. Click here to watch!

Tania on ABC helping business get more innovative – April 22, 2013

To watch Tania de Jong teaching people how to unlock their creative side and helping businesses stand out from the pack, CLICK HERE!

Small Business Big Marketing Podcast – May 29 2012

Talking business building & creativity with Tania de Jong AM. Click here to listen

ABC’s Late Night Live with Phillip Adams

To listen to Tania’s interview with Phillip Adams on Late Night Live, ABC Radio National, 2010 CLICK HERE.

Let go of Criticism, Interview with Tania de Jong AM

Tania de Jong AM, Founder Creative Universe, Creativity Australia and Creative Innovation Global interviewed by Rod Matthews. She talks about Creative Innovation 2011 taking place 16-18 November in Melbourne and the line-up of world class speakers attending including Raymond Kurzweil, Edward de Bono, Daniel Dennett, Stephen Heppell, Tan Le, Paddy Miller, Brendan Boyle. The theme of Ci2011 is exploring the challenges and opportunities of a super-connected world.

Tania then goes on to talk about Creativity Australia’s acclaimed WITH ONE VOICE social inclusion programs and the outcomes they are achieving including improved wellbeing, communities and networks, employment pathways and joy!

Tania de Jong on ABC TV, 2008

Australians urged to unleash their creativity to enhance workplace potential

Tania de Jong receives Australian Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2006

Entrepreneur and entertainer Tania De Jong gives pointers on achieving your personal best.

Articles on Creative Innovation Global:

Ci2016 Media release: Technological disruption to put humans out of jobs, September 2016

Click here to read the media release!

Sky News, Switzer, March 2015

Peter Switzer interview the Founder and Executive Producer of  Ci Global Tania de Jong AM.
Click here watch the interview! (Starts from  8’42)

Put disruption to good use – The Australian, 8th January 2015

Click here to read

Ci2015 Media Release: Under a week to go! The robots are coming!

Click here to read the media release!

Global Leaders convene in Melbourne for Ci2015 – March 23-25th, 2014

Click here to read the media release!

Creative Innovation Asia Pacific 2013 has been named “Corporate Event of the Year” in the international Eventex Awards – March 19, 2014

Click here to read the media release!

‘Ci2013: Meeting of the Minds” – New Land Magazine, October 2013

Read the article

A soprano’s tips for unlocking creativity – Smarter Business Ideas, November 20, 2013

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“Creativity: The Strategic Tool Of The Twenty-first Century”- Australian Business Solutions, 2012

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“A creative fix to the innovation disconnect, learning with Tania de Jong AM” – Technology Spectator, November 14, 2012

Read the article

The key to competitiveness? it’s all in our imaginations – Australian Financial Review, 10th August 2010

Creativity is not just for artists and nerds, it is vital to Australia’s success in a global economy, write Tania de Jong and Terry Barnes. Read the article

Tania de Jong’s keynote speeches at Creative Innovation 2011 and Creative Innovation 2010

Creative Innovation is an annual future-shaping conference event. It is the place to learn from world-changing innovators, futurists, inspired thinkers and curious souls gathered together in an interactive community.

Articles on Creativity Australia:

Creativity Australia Media Release, Melbourne Awards, September 2016

Creativity Australia wins the ‘Contribution to Community’ Award 2016 – Read the media release

The Singing Zone by Per Bristow, USA, September 2015

Wonderful interview of Tania de Jong AM about the Sing for Good campaign – Watch the interview

Change the world one voice at a time – Boss magazine, December 2014

Click here to read

One Voice, Many Stories – feature story on Tania de Jong by Peter Wilmoth – The Weekly Review, November 13, 2013

Read the article

Singing for social inclusion with Melbourne Sings and Creativity Australia’s With One Voice program – Tania de Jong AM with Elok Nur and Nathalie Mbala on ABC’s Life Matters with Richard Aedy

Read the article

Singing for Social Inclusion on ABC

To listen to the audio, CLICK HERE.

Corporate Choirs on ABC

To listen to the audio, CLICK HERE.

‘Community singing project aims to leave nation in top voice’ – The Sydney Morning Herald, May 07, 2012

Read the article