The Best Workshop for Speaking Confidence | Find your Voice

The Best Workshop for Speaking Confidence | Find your Voice

85% of people have been told by someone that they cannot sing and have a fear of speaking or singing in public. Yet singing is considered as one of the most important social, creative and healing activities for humans. Be inspired by Tania de Jong’s TEDx Talk ‘how singing together changes the brain’.

In this session you will learn:

This workshop is suitable for singers and especially non-singers who have been told they cannot sing or have a fear of speaking in public.

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Workshop Contents:

“Thank you Tania and Andrew for facilitating such an inspiring and deeply enriching afternoon. What a sacred space to share our stories and songs, and such fun! A collective note of joy was struck ! Love and gratitude Amina.” Amina on ‘Voice of Yoga’ workshop

“You opened our hearts… we were overflowing with smiles, light, soul food,  illumination and release into the mysteries of the voice as an instrument of healing & joy. The deepest magic was from the whole group embracing and freeing, healing each other and themselves…under your divine guidance.”  Barbara on ‘Voice of Yoga’ workshop

“Deepest Love and Gratitude for Sharing your Voices of Love in such a wonderful workshop! I was so amazed at some of the sounds that come from within me!! It really made me realise what an impact the negative ideas we hear throughout our lives  can have on us. While I can’t see me on Australian Idol anytime soon, it has helped me to see that anything is possible. Very fitting for me right now as I am on a mission to bust through my “I can’ts”…tick, one down!! :)”  Shannon on ‘Voice of Yoga’ workshop

“People are a company’s best resource, and if people learn how to get more out of themselves, everyone benefits. Excellent course! Tania adapted to the groups’ needs and covered a diverse range of subjects.” General Manager Auto Brake Service

Voice teacher, speaker and performer Tania de Jong, (Artistic Director of Music Theatre Australia) will help participants to find and free their natural voice and stage presence in these inspiring workshops for anyone who needs to communicate and present more effectively.

“I have become more confident through using increased passion about the information imparted to interested parties about my organisation. This course threw me out of my comfort zone and it wasn’t so bad!” Participant from State Coroner’s Office

“To look good on the outside is one thing but to complete the picture and feel good on the inside is to do a course with Tania de Jong.” Participant from Marie Brereton Designs

“I could not stop my lips from turning upwards and smiling during the session! It made me feel so happy and alive” Participant from Accenture

“I felt uncontrollably joyous!” Australia Cares Conference

“It brought the group so much closer together – the room was tingling with our combined energy.” Australia Cares Conference