Heaven on Earth Reviews

Heaven on Earth Reviews

Heaven on Earth is gorgeous. Tania has a beautiful and moving voice. Some graffiti on a wall said, ‘Without music, life would not be fair.’ After hearing you sing some favourites of mine, I’d say, ‘Without Tania, life would not be fair.’”
Dan Millman, Mindfulness expert and author of best-selling Way of the Peaceful Warrior

“In Heaven on Earth, Tania de Jong’s soaring soprano brings classical and popular favourites, mantras and original compositions to life, creating a light-filled soundtrack for relaxation, inspiration and meditation.”
Danielle Kirk, Editor, Wellbeing Magazine

“Tania de Jong’s Heaven on Earth is a compelling collection of music for relaxation, reflection and contemplation.  Evoking images drawn from classical and popular music this is a collection for both “light and air”. Thoroughly enjoyable and mindful.”
Ian C. Woodward, Professor at INSEAD and Associate Conductor of Singapore’s Metropolitan Festival Orchestra

Heaven on Earth is Tania de Jong’s beautiful and ethereal album featuring her wonderful melodies and lyrics and her glorious voice. Her songs will take you to a peaceful place in an ever faster moving world.”
Ray Kurzweil, Inventor, author and futurist

“Tania, I want to commend the beauty of your voice and thank you for the gift you brought to Rhetorica in Chartres, France. Your voice is transcendental and you have much to offer the world.”
Jim Garrison, President Wisdom University

“This album transported me to a space where my mind cleared of all chatter and my soul was soothed. Listening to Heaven On Earth feelings of pure bliss radiated through me, then, 52 minutes later I gently was transported back to reality overflowing with pure joy.”
Georgie FitzGerald, Interview Coordinator & On air presenter Huon & Kingston FM & QuizzaMe Game Show Host

“For all the hustle and bustle of life, Heaven on Earth freezes time, the outside world evaporates as you are swept away in complete calm. Tania’s caring and soothing nature exudes through her vocals and musicality. Perfect.”
Dr Damien J Guengerich, Osteopath & Athletic Performance Consultant, Sports Osteopathy Australia – Chairman

“Featuring a blend of original tracks and covers alongside new interpretations of works by Beethoven, Mozart, Faure and Dvorák – arranged by jazz pianist Joe Chindamo and featuring new lyrics by de Jong – the album is designed to appeal to audiences who are seeking to transcend or escape the stresses of everyday life.” Richard Watts, Performing arts writer, ArtsHub.
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Individual songs Reviews

Heaven on earth 

The piano, the violins, the chimes all come together for a beautiful piece. The spoken word in the beginning was beautifully written. The male vocalist compliments the female vocalist so well. Lovers of classical and opera music will definitely appreciate this. I can also see someone choreographing a piece to this. 

The violin intro really perfectly fits the tone of the song. The lyrics blew me off. The piano is really well augmented and the vocals of the female vocalist is pretty spine-chilling. In accordance to the female, the male is not at all bad, instead he gives the song a complete new charm with his baritone-ish voice. The blend between all the instruments sound extremely professional and are a joy listening to . The production quality with the main vocalists are very well done and seem professional quality. This is one great song! 

This kind of song makes me want to close my eyes and just envision different kinds of colours. It really reminds me of fantasia and all the cartoon situations. Such a beautiful song. It’s perfect for studying with its soft melody. The instrumentation is phenomenal with them singing along side. It makes the song sound so majestic and slightly mysterious.

Angel Song 

This is a brilliant modern classical piece. The intro is simply beautiful. I imagine sitting on a hill on a calm afternoon watching birds fly and feeling like Alice in Wonderland as if something magical will happen. It evokes wonder in the listener. The distinctive strings melody coupled with the singer’s ethereal voice brings the fantasy to life. Awesome for a fantasy or science fiction movie soundtrack. 

This is very beautiful, very soothing, and quite magical. The strings are gorgeous and the vocals are otherworldly. I can see this being used in a Tarsem Singh film or a futuristic film. I think all lovers of classical pieces will adore this track. The arrangement is great, I would love to hear more from this artist.

This is an absolutely beautiful piece of music performed by an orchestra and choir. It is very relaxing, and the violin playing is amazing. Listening to this, I feel like I am floating away and I appreciate the lovely little triangle ‘ding’ at the end of the piece to round it off. 

This song shows such beautiful instrumentation. The composition itself is fantastic. You can really feel the emotions without needing words. The musicians are astoundingly talented and the oos are haunting. They give an astounding sense of eerie to the song without adding actual lyrics. It really helps to not take away from the music itself. 

Nice relaxing intro makes you want to hear more. Beautiful female voices, extremely uplifting and utterly a joy to listen too. I think it is amazing. Would totally buy this.

Beautiful and soothing melody that makes me wish I were lying up amongst the clouds. Relaxing, mysterious and I love how the violins and the other instruments come together as if the notes were meant for this one song. Also makes me want to buy a ticket to the Opera and go as soon as possible, although I’ve never had any Opera interests before.

Soul Journey 

When I hear this song, I can picture a story. The soft piano intro evokes childhood memories of happiness. It then smoothly transitions to a distinctive soprano vocal. The melody is soothing and calm. This is great music for stress relief. The singer has an attractive, soulful voice. 

I like this song – a great instrumental to the song. The rhythm of the melody is beautiful. This is a type of song you can sit down and chill to the calm beat. I think this song is great and I think it is a classic. It sounds awesome compared to opera. I love this song!!!! 

Very emotional. Great use of classical music and opera-style vocals. I’ve never heard anything like it. The song has an interestingly play on classical melody. Very distinctive, warm and expressive. The intro was very unique and different. The words are rhythmically flowing with each other creating that classical aura and that heart-warming sensation.

This track is ethereal and atmospheric. There is an accomplished opera singer. The music is magical and mystical with violins and chimes. There are possibilities for this type of classical music. The music also may have been enhanced through computerization. It is slow soft and smooth. There is stylishness to the performance that reminds one of the Elizabethan times.

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