“While I have travelled the world, taken on vast spiritual adventures like Everest, Kokoda, Mt Kilimanjaro, volunteered for several organisations and charities and always tried to experience as many diverse and interesting things as I possibly can…. nothing really compared to the “Voices of Yoga” and how much this day seemed to resonate with something inside my soul.  The work you do is simply incredible and inspiring and I absolutely applaud you for being able to create so much power and energy in the universe and touch so many people.” Emily

“Tania de Jong recently gave an inspiring keynote address at the ISPIM Innovation Symposium in Melbourne. Tania engaged the audience with her insights into innovation in Australia and even managed to get them to participate in some group singing activities. However, the best was left to last as she treated the audience to a great anecdote about her innovative grandmother and finished with a wonderful song. The feedback I personally received from our delegates was excellent and I would be happy to recommend Tania as a keynote speaker at any innovation event.” The International Society for Professional Innovation Management

“So inspired by your talk at the Mind and its Potential Conference this year. I work in an area with many disadvantaged children and adolescents. I am young and new to my role and both the children and myself often feel like we ‘fail’ a lot of the time to achieve what we want within this environment. I really loved your changed mindset about failure. First Attempt in Learning! I would like to take your words with me to support my dreams and the dreams of the children I work with.” Mind and its Potential 2013

“The session was very well received and will always be a memorable one. The energy was great and we had excellent feedback.” AGL Senior Leadership Team

“Thank you so much for your presentation. The feedback from delegates has been very positive with responses focussing on your theme of unlocking the creativity of those in the workforce. Several indicated they intend going back to their organisations with a mission to harness the creativity of their staff more effectively . You certainly touched a nerve with many of them signalling the risk-averse culture that has been steadily built up over the years standing as a barrier to their organisation’s going forward and have been inspired by  you to reverse the trend.” National Local Government Human Resource Conference

“We were excited to have Tania speak as part of our Excellence Seminar Series. The postgraduate students and staff who attended the talk only had wonderful things to say about her. They found her presentation inspiring, creative, engaging and very personal. Tania’s personality shone through her style and everyone responded to her beautiful heart. We would like to thank Tania for her amazing gifts and sharing them with us.” Monash Postgraduate Association

“We were delighted with your ability to deliver a very personal story that young people could engage with, relate to and contextualise.  Fun, relevant, aspirational and real – your story and ideas tick so many of the reflective boxes yet left us all feeling positive and knowing we have much to do and look forward to both personally and collectively.” Northcote High School Graduation Oration

“Tania’s presentation was one of the most insightful and entertaining talks we had in recent months. The students and the professors thoroughly enjoyed the engaging talk and learnt about the power of creativity, innovation and collaboration. The importance of creativity in large corporations, the need for innovation specially in Australia and the real power of diversity are some of our key learnings we will remember and use. It was our privilege to hear her beautiful voice in the end , a perfect finish to the event. The event was a great success. A big thank you to Tania, on behalf of the students at Melbourne Business School.” Melbourne Business School

“The feedback from people who spoke to me said your performance was just divine and they wanted it to go on. We are so grateful for your talents and your work.”
Susan Barton, Lighthouse Institute

“Your speech and song were real masterpieces! YOU REALLY WOWED THEM!”
Sir Gus Nossal AC, The Florey Institute

“Tania, thank you so much for being part of BCG’s 50th birthday Celebration Day. The feedback from our staff on your session has been tremendous – it was a real standout for many of us. One of the teams told me that before your workshop, they were struggling to get the rest of their team to engage and be creative and that afterwards they all wanted to be involved and participate. Thank you for being flexible and accommodating with our event. Your energy, passion, enthusiasm and joie de vivre are a real inspiration. Keep it up!” Miguel Carrasco, Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

“Your insightful, and highly entertaining presentation certainly provided our audience with a detailed perspective and greater understanding into why creativity is more important now than ever before, and some of the key benefits to nurturing creativity which you identified such as: improved well being, leadership, and increased productivity, further highlighted how creativity ultimately leads to innovation.

Your in-depth knowledge into why diversity is also critical to unlocking creative potential and thus enabling innovation to flourish, was of great interest to our attendees, and was further demonstrated in the example you provided through your highly successful ‘One Voice’ program.”
Innovation Series, Brisbane

“Thank you for being one of main drawcards at our Florey Innovation Symposium and giving the opening address. You set the scene beautifully for what was to follow with presentations from a broad array of neuroscientists and related disciplines. There is no doubt that the link between innovation, creativity and practical outcomes is beautifully enhanced by creative minds.” Geoffrey Donnan AO, The Florey Institute

“Session was great. A terrific buzz after it. Freedom is coming…truly first rate!”  McKinsey & Company

“The ONE TEAM, ONE VOICE Workshop was truly a binding experience, inspirational to a group in need of self-belief and confidence. In an engaging and memorable way, the team was able to perform as a unit like never before. Something to refer to for a long time!”
Nicolas Georges, Mondelez

“The Innovation Workshop that Tania, Tim and the team from Creative Universe facilitated, ‘Unleashing our Potential’ was a great opportunity to bring our management team together.  Not only did they learn some great techniques to  generate new ideas to old problems but they came up with literally hundreds of ways we could potentially increase service, sales and communication.” David Jones

“A big thank you for your contribution to the Unleashing our Potential workshop. The excitement and energy you created was amazing – what a buzz! We are very optimistic about the ideas that were generated and have already commenced the next steps to implementation. Again, thank you all for your commitment and professionalism and giving 150 of our top people a thought provoking and fun day.”  David Jones

“What a great event you created and it resonated with everyone in attendance. The speech, soundbath and singing was magical. Your talent and spirit are very much appreciated.”
Bill Patterson Meditation

“ASPA and the International Confederation of Principals have both engaged the services of Pot-Pourri this year. Without question, delegates have enjoyed the performances and found the warmth, humour and quality of the presentations to be both thrilling and inspiring. Tania is a committed advocate for education, the arts and creativity.”
Andrew Blair, President, Australian Secondary Principals Association (ASPA)

“Swinburne University was honoured that Tania agreed to speak to our graduates at two of our recent Graduation ceremonies. Tania was just terrific. She gave an inspiring Occasional Dress to the Graduates. Her speech was encouraging, uplifting, appropriately challenging, and of course, beautifully finished off with a song. Our Graduates were simply captivated. Well done Tania.”
Bill Scales, AO, Chancellor, Swinburne University of Technology.

“Thank you for your magnificent performance for our 20th Melbourne Morning Tea with the Stars. You looked sensational on stage and your performance was most entertaining. We have received very positive feedback from our guests who thoroughly enjoyed the combination of your beautiful voice with the audience participation which was hysterical.”
Australian Fed Cup Tennis Foundation

“Great atmosphere, music, laughter, singing and dancing – it had it all … never laughed so much!”
Australia Post

I have been going to concerts, opera and theatre for more than 50 years and I have to say the Concert at Mandurah was probably the most enjoyable I have ever been to. You were all marvellous, great singing, fun and beautifully put together. I have never seen a pianist like Rebecca play with so much feeling and skill and your Nessun Dorma was the best ever including the backdrop and I think the audience was close to a standing ovation. It was a wonderful selection of music! Brilliant!
Promaco Conventions

“Pot-Pourri is the best all-round musical entertainment group available in Australia today.”
Rotary International

“I can truly say that Pot-Pourri provided a level of entertainment that could not be surpassed.”
Spotless Group

“….truly talented and professional… a superb group. Their ability to blend an international performance and include local numbers further heightened their appeal”
The Hong Kong Jockey Club

“Best ever conference entertainment in 20 years… the integration of concrete into your performance was brilliant!”
International Concrete Conference

“They left the audiences standing and cheering for more… outstanding!”
Goss Graphic Systems

“…extremely entertaining and accessible to all – from site labourers to company directors, and you had everybody’s attention.”
Hooker Cockran

“Entertainment was world class, Pot-Pourri are superb. How can we top this?”
National Australia Bank

“Great atmosphere, music laughter, singing and dancing – it had it all…never laughed so much!”
Australia Post


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