Keynote Topics

Tania always customises each speech and can develop a keynote topic to suit your specific audience. Here are some topic suggestions:

VOICES OF INNOVATION – The Power of Positive Human Collisions

Every voice matters. We are all creative.

What if your organisation could awaken the potential of your people, through the development of a creative and collaborative voice?

Your people, your community, your tribe are an amazing resource of untapped potential, who together have everything that is required to enhance innovation and creativity through the power found in positive human collisions.

In this interactive presentation, Tania delivers learning methodologies to empower you and your organisation with the skills to build an inclusive culture where innovation can flourish, and opportunity is found in diversity.

Tania also provides tools to assist teams in developing resilience and learning from failure. They will also gain insights into how creativity boosts performance, inspires leadership and ignites transformation.

Key Learnings

  •    How to build a collaborative and creative culture
  •    Insights into harnessing diversity and creating opportunity
  •    Enhanced innovation
  •    Tools to deal with adversity, enhance performance and inspire leadership
  •    Case studies and exercises to inspire action

Thinking outside the box: Leading Innovation and Change

This era of globalisation will unleash a massive wave of technological, economic and sociological change. Innovation is coming from everywhere. Almost anyone can be an entrepreneur. An estimated 40-60% of current middle class jobs will become redundant due to artificial intelligence, robotics and other new technologies. We will need to be more creative and innovative than ever before.

Empowered people and groups are thinking ‘outside the box’ and challenging the established order in new ways never before imaginable – from building new business models and social enterprises to challenging old institutions.

This keynote will provide you and your organisation with tools to help you:

  • Develop creative, intuitive, right-brained and agile mindsets and think ‘outside the box’
  • Deal with failure and developing resilience
  • Build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that leads to business growth and success
  • Prepare for and manage in times of massive uncertainty, disruption and change
  • To understand why diversity will increase your organisation’s productivity and lead to sustainable growth
  • Make a difference to the communities where you operate

Creativity and Innovation – how to harness them in your people and organisation?

  • We are all creative – building creative confidence and self-belief
  • Dealing with failure and developing resilience
  • Using neuroscience and your right brain to super-charge your work and life
  • Tools to unlock your individual and organisational creative potential
  • How to develop a culture where creativity and innovation can flourish
  • Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship within your organisation

The entrepreneurial equation: how to transform your organisation

With a predicted 47% loss of middle class jobs due to robotics and new technologies, we need to invent many great new businesses to provide new jobs, opportunities and grow our economy. Often the best place to innovate and start-up new businesses is within large organisations.

  • Learn how to develop entrepreneurial spirit and skills
  • Unlock creativity and find regular sparks of ingenuity
  • Learn how to fail fast and experiment
  • Build a lasting culture of innovation

Creativity: the strategic tool of the 21st Century

  • Why creativity has become our most endangered species, and why it is more important now than ever before
  • Using neuroscience and your right brain to super-charge your work and life
  • Tools to unlock your individual and organisational creative potential
  • How creativity leads to improved wellbeing, social inclusion, innovation, leadership, productivity and transformation
  • Unleashing the unique creative voices of your team and your organisation

With One Voice – building healthy, happy and inclusive communities

Disruption, caused by new business models associated with the internet, technology and globalisation, will be the greatest threat your organisation will face within the next 5 years. Virtually every business and institution is threatened and yet disruption can also provide extraordinary opportunities for sustainable growth.

  • Understanding and managing disruption
  • Dealing with failure and developing resilience
  • Building a culture where creativity and innovation can flourish
  • Why diversity will increase your organisation’s productivity and lead to sustainable growth

With One Voice – building a united and positive culture

  • Every voice matters. We are all creative.
  • Understanding and embracing the importance of diversity
  • How to create an outperformance culture through increased engagement
  • Why creativity leads to greater productivity
  • Why doing good really matters and connecting with the community
  • Building bridges of understanding and making a difference every day
  • Case studies to inspire action

OTHER TOPICS or co-create one with Tania

  • Finding your passion and purpose
  • Using your right brain to super-charge your work and life – why the left brain is being replaced by machines!
  • Unleashing potential through creative leadership
  • Profits or Conversations? Creating meaning and purpose in uncertain times
  • Are we educating people out of their creativity?
  • Keys to business success and leadership
  • People or Planet? A new concept of internal ecology
  • Finding creative solutions while competitors are still struggling with problems!
  • Making a difference through creativity and social enterprise – engaging partnerships and communities
  • Social entrepreneurship = social change not social welfare
  • The Artful Human – Redefining intelligence and unleashing creative potential
  • The innovation paradox: Why Australia is falling behind as an innovative nation and what to do about it
  • Challenges, pitfalls, opportunities and celebrations of organising a world class, major event in Australia
  • The shifting business mindset – how business leaders are interpreting innovation and valuing creativity
  • Why music and creativity are fundamental to educating our children

Tania has a very warm and engaging style of delivery and her presentations draw laughter and tears. She is an excellent storyteller and often includes a song or two which brings down the house! She receives many questions from the audience, as well as spontaneous standing ovations and hugs, at the conclusion of her presentations!

Tania also presents a special customized song or two (or whole performance) during Gala Dinners, Plenary and Opening/Closing sessions.