Our politicians say things like “we are all Australians” and “we are all in this together”. We are NOT.

They hide behind secretive ‘health advice’ that has banned everything, from playgrounds to golf and sunsets, contrary to global scientific evidence. They keep children from attending school which has led to a crippling, devastating shadow pandemic of self-harm, mental illness and domestic violence. This will lead to lifetimes of suffering due to the inter-generational nature of trauma and mental illness.

They deny access to freedom of movement and medical treatment and lock out Australian nationals but make exceptions for actors, sports people and the wealthy. They take away our businesses, dreams and relationships while taking pay rises. They pit us against one other by isolating, diminishing and dividing us. They promise to crush and kill this virus, which they have zero power to achieve. We can and will live with this virus as we have with others.

It is time for courage, true leadership and honesty. Not politics. It is also time for each of us and corporate Australia, to turn our disquiet and rumblings into a roar. On behalf of staff and small business owners who can’t work. On behalf of the families who remain hopelessly separated, divided and crushed by isolation. On behalf of casual workers who live hand to mouth each week. On behalf of artists, creatives and our tourism and events industry which is decimated and destroyed. On behalf of the vulnerable and marginalised who are lectured to by politicians on huge pay packets and media elites about how lockdowns aren’t tough enough or hard enough. On behalf of Australia, a once innovative and positive nation, which is now losing relevance by the day.

My entrepreneurial friends based in Europe, the UK and Asia ask if they should come back home. The answer: not if you want a life and freedom.

The world is opening up, injected or not, and laughing at our lockdowns and compliance. Where did our fair-go, democracy and honest reporting go? Is it any wonder so many people question everything and have reached breaking point? Please stand up now for truth and transparency before it’s too late!