Below are 12 innovator attributes which we can learn and aspire to and nurture in others:

  1. Curious: Innovators actively explore the environment, challenge status quo and investigate new possibilities. Ask questions: “what if…?”
  2. Persistent: Innovators are never above a task, they are hardworking, persistent and willing to do “whatever-it-takes” to get things done. Never give up!
  3. Committed to learning: Innovators step in, participate and they continually seek knowledge.
  4. Visionary: Innovators are highly imaginative, maintain a future orientation, and think in mental pictures. Connect to right side of the brain :)
  5. Celebrate diversity: Innovators choose to work with a purposeful and diverse collection of people and are not afraid to disagree. POSITIVE HUMAN COLLISIONS
  6. Flexible/Adaptable: Innovators can handle uncertainty, initiate new projects and are able to adjust the “game plan” as needed.
  7. Listen: Innovators are open to input from all parties, learn quickly from feedback and take it on board in the outcome.
  8. Take Risks: They go beyond their comfort zone, have courage and take calculated risks.
  9. Fail: Innovators are not afraid to fail. They bounce back from disappointment and try again. FAIL = First Attempt In Learning.
  10. Desire for Improvement: Innovators respond to deep inner needs, increase efficiencies and offer enhanced experiences to improve processes for a better ROI.
  11. Positive and optimistic: Innovators think positively which increases attention and alertness; critical tools for anyone who attempts to solve a problem or is considering a business opportunity. Challenge negative thoughts.
  12. Mentally Strong: Innovators do not waste time feeling sorry for themselves, give away their power, worry about pleasing others or shy away from change.