Make a great event even greater by avoiding these simple mistakes:

Don’t leave it too late – Book well in advance.

Great performers book out quickly. The busiest periods for corporate entertainers is the ‘Christmas rush’ (OCT – DEC). The most popular entertainers are booked up to a year in advance for this period, in particular our fabulous show bands. To avoid disappointment during this time, be prepared to plan early and book well in advance!

Understand your audience and book entertainment that is appropriate, not just who you like.

Just because the latest new band is your favourite – doesn’t mean that it’s going to suit a 3 course, black tie audience. Make sure that the entertainment is suitable to your audience. When we help client’s match entertainment with their audiences we often take into consideration things such as the average age of guests, audience background, breakdown of the sexes, industry groupings and past events.

Comedians are a great way lighten up your event but it’s also the easiest way to divide an audience. When it comes to comedians take the advice from your entertainment specialist – just because your preferred comedian seems wholesome in their regular TV slot – this does not mean that their stand up routine is the same.

A great story doesn’t always mean a great performer/presenter.

Like entertainers, presenters need to be matched to the brief, be well seasoned and have great references, as they can often be the glue that holds it all together.

Be realistic with your budget

Be realistic with your budget and plan accordingly. We all know “You only get what you pay for” and this is no different when it comes to entertainment. Quality corporate acts start from around $3000 to $30,000 and up. Remember big names come at big prices however with a bit of homework and planning you can still deliver great entertainment if you take a budget reality check.

Don’t neglect the emotional connection an audience will feel with entertainment

Entertainment is what people remember, they remember their emotions, whether they laughed until they cried, had goose bumps up their arms or joined in a 1 minute standing ovation – this feeling that the audience shares is what everyone will be talking about up until the next event. Pot-Pourri is one of Australia’s leading feature acts. They customise each performance inspiring standing ovations and lasting memories.

Make sure your entertainment choice is suitable for your venue.

Ensure that your venue suits the entertainer’s requirements. Obvious things to look out for include ceiling height (particularly relevant for aerial and acrobatic performances), noise restrictions (for bands), suitable staging and performance space.

Do you have an act in mind that you MUST use for your End of Year event? MTA intimately knows the ins and outs of many fabulous Australian venues – chat with one of our staff to make sure that you are using the right venue for your act.

Always leave your guests wanting more

There is no worse feeling then sitting in an audience and wishing the act would ‘just finish’. A longer show does not necessarily equate to a better show.  Most corporate feature entertainers believe 30 mins is the ideal performance time. Leave your guests wanting more not with the feeling that they wished the performer would get off the stage.

Know the intention of your event and book entertainment accordingly

If this is an event where the main aim is to network – don’t have a band blasting out music or an act that needs more than 1 minute’s attention. Use acts that enhance the networking experience such as unique roving characters that can generate conversation between your audiences or ambient soft jazz in the background.  If you are served a glass of champagne by one of MTA’s beautiful or unique roving characters – that is going to be a topic for conversation between even the shyest guests.

Work with an agent or entertainment professional

I know we are bias – but hear us out! Entertainment professionals have the knowledge and free you up to focus on the many many other aspects of an event. Not only does MTA Entertainment work with over 2000 acts Australia wide we have the knowledge of what is going to be suitable and not suitable for your event. When you work with us – you have one point of contact for all of your entertainment needs. That’s one name and one contact for all of your roving acts on guest arrival, the MC who’s the face of the event, the high intensity feature  act with 5 members that’s really going to wow  your guests and the 7 piece party band that’s going to keep them dancing well into the night.

The Power of One

One phone call to MTA Entertainment and you have years of experience and reliability to draw from when you make a booking. One account manager/ consultant, one invoice for your accounts department, one person to update changes to the run sheet and one nice package price for your budget.