Imagine going into the supermarket or a department store, ferry, tram or a public arcade and all of a sudden you hear an incredible voice start singing. You look around and realise it’s one of the employees singing opera! Then one of the customers joins in, and another staff member and then another customer finishing in an incredible climax. Of course, the “employees” and “customers” are our brilliantly talented performers playing those roles. Once revealed they can continue to perform some more feature entertainment to thrill and interact with your audience.

Here is the feedback they have got:
“As a follow up to the successful launch of our Mt Eliza store last week I would like to pass on our thanks and appreciation for a job well done on the opera flash mob performances.  It was great to see that your team adapted across the different days to achieve the best result out of each performance.  As you saw first hand there were many customers who came back several times to see a repeat performance they were that moved the first time.  Well done to the team.” Ritchies

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