2020 has definitely thrown us many curve balls and challenges and prompted us to use our creativity and resourcefulness to create new ideas and solutions for our communities and organisations. Tania has adapted to the world of online ‘hybrid’ events. She is presenting thought-provoking, educational and creative presentations which engage the audience through their screens.

Please be inspired by her latest 3min video to lift your spirits here.

Here is what a recent European client said:

“Tania made the impossible possible in this crazy time. We organised our #MOI2020 Insurance Innovation Day as a digital event instead of our planned live event in beautiful Vienna. Tania created a digital, creative Opening Keynote for us. It was amazing and everybody was so inspired by Tania’s spirit and important messages about creativity, innovation and leadership in a rapidly changing world. Thank you for this experience!”   Insurance Factory

Visit www.taniadejong.com for more information, inspiration and to enquire for your next event.